Prêmio Roberto Dieguez Galvão

Minimizing the makespan on parallel machines with sequence dependent deteriorating effects

Guilherme Dhein, Marcia Fampa, Olinto César Bassi de Araújo
#pág.3574 a 3585

A New Model for Simultaneous Balancing and Cyclical Sequencing of Asynchronous Mixed-Model Assembly Lines with Parallel Stations

Adalberto Sato Michels, Celso Gustavo Stall Sikora, Leandro Magatão, Thiago Cantos Lopes
#pág.3586 a 3597

A SAT based exact method to the RCPSP/Max

Artur Alves Pessoa, Guilherme Henrique Ismael de Azevedo
#pág.3610 a 3621

Algorithms for 3DHP Protein Structure Prediction

Heitor Lopes, Lauro Galvão, Luiz Nunes, Pablo Moscato, Regina Berreta
#pág.3622 a 3632